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Best way to find duplicate records in a table on database

Method 1: The method will display group wise duplicate leads. SELECT     eabhyasa_id, eabhyasa_name, eabhyasa_email, eabhyasa_mobile,stage_name,count(*) no_of_records FROM rns_leads as L     left join rns_stages as S on S.stg_id= E.eabhyasa_stg_id GROUP BY eabhyasa_email, eabhyasa_mobile HAVING count(*) > 1  Method 2: The below method will display all duplicate leads SELECT L.eabhyasa_id, L.eabhyasa_fname, L.eabhyasa_email, L.eabhyasa_mobile,S.stg_name, case when E.eabhyasa_cp_type=0 then "-" when E.eabhyasa_cp_type=1 then "Fssess" when E.eabhyasa_cp_type=2 then "full" when E.eabhyasa_cp_type=3 then "part1" when E.eabhyasa_cp_type=4 then "part2" when E.eabhyasa_cp_type=5 then "part3" when E.eabhyasa_cp_type=6 then "part4" end as Payment_Stage FROM rns_leads L left join gti_stages as S on S.stg_id= E.eabhyasa_stg_id INNER JOIN ( SELECT eabhyasa_email, eabhyasa_mobile,count(*) no_of_records FROM gt