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EBS Payment Gateway PHP integration kit - Version 3-PHP Integration kit

New EBS Version 3 Integration kit, based on PHP platform, can be downloaded from the following link:

Integration Guide can be downloaded through:

To fetch your secret key kindly login to your merchant console panel ( and navigate to Account >> Settings. (Login credentials will be automatically triggered to registered email id, once the account is made LIVE from our end)

Kindly note that by default your EBS account is configured to use SHA512 as the hashing algorithm in the payment page template.

Method to calculate the hash for request parameters:

MD5/SHA1/SHA512: Hash should be calculated for all posting parameters along with your secret key.

First, all the posting parameters should be sorted in ascending order and then with the secret key first and separated by the ‘|’ symbol each sorted parameter should be concatenated. (Parameters without any value should be removed)

Format: secretkey|account_id|address|.............................|ship_state|state

Finally, the hash should be calculated for the above-given string and the calculated hash should be converted to uppercase before posting.

To prevent the tampering of response being posted back, it’s mandatory to implement hash validation in response.

Method to calculate the hash for response parameters:

MD5/SHA1/SHA512: Response parameters will be posted back to the specified return URL.

First, all the response parameters must be sorted in alphabetical order, excluding the parameters which are empty and the parameter ‘Secure Hash’. Then, these parameters should be concatenated to each other separated by the ‘|’ symbol with your secret key first.

Format: Secret Key|Amount|BillingAddress|BillingCity|.................|TransactionID

Finally, the hash should be calculated for the above-given string and the calculated hash should be converted to uppercase and compared with the hash received in the response.

Usage of special characters like, “”(inverted double quotes), + (plus) and | (pipe), should be avoided within the posting values, as it may result in the error “Invalid Secure hash”.


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